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Jalandar (he, who is in the ocean of truth) ....... My poem

Punjabi Poem Jalandar by Deepak Loomba 

Using Roman Script

Eh jo mast jehi duniya bahri,
Khirdi pichon we rahoo saari,
Kalli masti hai ehdi andar,
Parchchaiyan han tuh phadiyan jalandar,
Ban mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast.
Sach tera we, sach mera we,
Sach bahar hai, jhooth andar hee,
Toon sach vich khirdiya hain jiven jalandar,
Ban mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast.
Oye tun lolla hain,
manon bhola hain,
Tun na kalla see,
Na awalla see,
Tun ghuliyan hain poora jalandar
Ban mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast.
Tera utala we tere andar hai
Je bahar hai taan rab nahin
tun allah allah karda phiren
Ehe labhan da koi chaj nahin
Tun Paar na laag, bas dobeya reh jalandar
Ban mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast qalandar, mast.
Loomba sochda hai, haath tangiya haan
Teri marzi nu samaj ke langeya haan,
Kujh reham tan kar, menoo suljhan de,
Ehna vaangan, khulla uljhan de,
Main patandar haan, par andar haan,
Baas bhora hor, pher qalandar haan.
Hun kherda chchad, hun palon leh.
Menoo dooban de, main jalandar haan
Hoon mast qalandar mast qalandar mast qalandar mast.

Meaning in English
This outer world exists in true, because it survives me. Although you are in this reality, like in water, the way you feel about it (masti), perceive it, is only through its shadow in yourself.
Summarily, the world is real but you can perceive it only, from inside you and hence you control the perception of it.
Your perception is truth so is mine. Everything around us is true, you are in an ocean of truth, lies exist only inside you.
You are in a fallacy if you think you are alone, you are fully dissolved in this truth around you, a part of which you are.
Your heaven/mind/perception (utala) is inside you, if itnis outside you then there can be no God, because anything outside has a location and dimension, while a sarvvayapi (he who is everywhere) can only be inside because inside the imagination there are jo dimensions or locations. So by calling out ajd looking for God around you you are wasting time. The truth is not the destination but in the journey.
I am like a thread tied to the wrist, who has spend his life thinking of absence of his will.
Let me think further, let me jostle with life (like the thread on the wrist jostles with bangles on a woman's arm).
Yes I am a maverick and I do not agree to worldly wisdom, but I atleast know I am inside the ocean of truth and just a little away from being enlightened.

Friday, 20 July 2018


Author : Deepak Loomba
ABSTRACT: Asymptotic space-time multi-dimensional structures are those towards which the space-time curvature tends endlessly but never touches. Thereby creating two separate worlds one outside/on-side and other inside/other-side of this asymptote. This could create very high stability threshold systems that could reach exceptionally high potential, owing to exceptionally low entropy of the asymptotic energy wall, that could indeed bear a whole universe. The uniqueness of my thesis lies in portraying asymptotic black holes as stable equilibrium systems with a high energy threshold that should be breached, before the stability is destroyed. The snap action beyond the threshold could lead to huge big bang like events. The higher uniformity in the wall, the higher the potential, that can be sustained in the system before it snaps. Thereby, providing a clue to the non-uniformity of universe.
I present my hypothesis on the possibility of variety of structures of blackholes.
Assuming structure of space curves around high density mass as in case of black holes. There are two possible cases, this curvature grows uniformly in all directions or non-uniformly.
Lets assume it grows uniformly. It can then be safely assumed that the change is curvature as one dwells towards the centre of mass, shall either grow incrementally to in quantum leaps.
Lets further assume that the growth is incremental (notwithstanding the rate of growth), which means that the space will not make steep 90degrees turn such that anything undergoing spaghettification shall never have a discrete 90degres angle in it in the process of spaghettification.
Therefore, an unquantized space shall spiral in and not cross the centre of mass. Which in other words means that there is no possibility of a spaghettized object to be spaghettized in such manner that it traverses through the centre then pointing away from the centre. Therefore, the spaghetti will always be moving towards the centre with higher velocity such that by the time it reaches close to centre it is only Energy having converted its entire mass.
Lets now assume that the curvature of space because of density and distribution of mass is such that the equation of curvature has a non-linear asymptote. A good example would be to imagine having drawn y=1/x on X-Y axis with Y=0 being the asymptote to the equation. Let us now change the curvature of the two dimensional space by introducing a third dimension (for ease of perceiving). Let us curve the paper or even fold it into a cylinder, such that the Y=0 is not a circle on this cylinder. Now look at the asymptote and the equation. The asymptote remains as it is an asymptote to a newer graph with additional dimension and is no more linear, but it still is an asymptote.
Therefore, there can be non-linear asymptotes. The abovementioned example is a relatively easy one. Indeed a sphere can also be an asymptote such that the graph tends to move closer and closer towards this sphere but never kisses it.

I therefore propose that under certain circumstances a black hole could have an internal event horizon as well, such that within this sphere there exists neither space nor time, as the curvature draws into a perfect sphere. Mass by the time it reaches close to this boundary while constantly enhancing its speed will convert into energy. On and inside this sphere there will be no space-time or mass.
What stops asymptotic blackholes to occur? According to me nothing.
Indeed, the singularity blackhole is an asymptotic blackhole, where the asymptotic sphere is one with one quanta radius (in quantized version) and zero radius in classical. While mathematically there could indeed by cylindrical asymptotic blackholes as well.
It is interesting to hypothesize what will be inside this hollow sphere? Assuming that by the time mass reaches the walls of the asymptotic blackhole, it would have disappeared from being a line with extending far (into this inward-spiral infinity) till it converts into energy, and hence the walls of this sphere will have no entropy. Distribution of energy in all directions will be equal. The space could either just no exist as nothing will breach this spherical wall or there could be co-spherical space inside as it will be pulled equally into all directions. But it will be unreachable, as there spaces will be like parallel universes with no leak from one into other. As the density of energy at the walls increases, the space inside will be in higher and higher tension* though the equilibrium of directions will maintain it stable. I am in knowledge of no physical or mathematical operator that could somehow provide description to this tension, but the asymptotic spherical blackhole wall will pull the space inside towards itself creating a tension. The best way to describe this tension would be to imagine a spherical spaghetti which somehow at the initial stage of formation got trapped, as the asymptotic blackhole wall energy density keeps on increasing the spherical sphaggetti will keep on  thinning endlessly. At very high levels of wall energy, the central point of space-time could start to be sucked out, vacating the centre of sphere from space-time. The higher the energy density the higher is the sensitivity to equilibrium in all directions.
This actually is an exceptionally high potential gravitational equilibrium system. Call it a gravitational bomb.
The stability of the system happens because the asymptotic energy wall pulls in mass & energy from outside and space fabric from inside. The sensitivity of such a system to directional equilibrium (entropy) will keep on increasing with increase in the potential of the system. Subsequently, there is a point beyond which the system fails to ignore the slightest directional entropy thereby leading to snap of internal space-time.
Therefore, the life of this blackhole is determined by the entropy of the asymptotic blackhole energy wall. The disorder in the distribution of energy in the wall determines as to how energy intensive the asymptotic black hole energy wall has to be before, the threshold of this minute disorder ignorance is crossed.
There could of course be other related phenomena including bumping of such asymptotic black holes into one another, in some cases even alignment, merger of mutual self destruction.
Big bang could have happened from a similar event that had exceptionally low entropy asymptotic energy wall, leading to an exceptionally high energy density whose snapping point threshold was exceptionally large leading to formation of our current universe.
Like any equilibrium system there could be ‘n’ different possibilities of how it is borne and how it decays. I have presented one of those myriad possibilities.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Yes, its probably warm and white.

It's warm and white.

Death is a business, which, when realized, effects one in manners not always comprehensible. 2006-2007 were years of distress with loss of five close family members one after the other. Like in everything else, realization of it is so different from knowledge of death.

In 2007 though frequent panic-attacks* (detailed ahead at the end of this article for those who are interested to learn about it) were being battled with, yet sleep came usually & effortlessly. Neither was there anything notable about this indistinct night, nor anything preceding it, nor was alcohol or any other intoxicant consumed. Nothing remarkable is remembered before this event, which is the subject of this narration that transpired in sleep.

At some point of time preceding 0300hours or so (estimated) ‘the dream’ commenced. Manifestly etched in memory; it seems an occurrence yesterday, fresh and clear. Notwithstanding, eleven years that have flowed thence.

‘The dream’ commenced with bedding being readied, by laying a common 50 kg jute bag of standard one metre length on the coal-tar road, right next to the footpath, with the jute bag’s length radiating perpendicularly off the paved footpath's one foot high embankment that curved just couple of metres ahead of the jute-bedding spot, as it approached the corner of the crossroad in Delhi, distinctly recognized as Kingsway Camp Square. It was very early morning as the population was scant and there was no eye-straining sunlight. Behind, on the other side of the footpath was a corner sweets shop (an analogue of a chocolatier in Europe). On the immediately closer side of the footpath, just behind the jute bedding was a large five feet tall, plump red-post-box standing on the footpath embankment. Having laid the jute bag, the next instant found own body lying on it with head resting towards the pavement and legs pointing to the middle of the road, as it was watched from few feet away.

Few moments of watching oneself lying were followed by being inside oneself. After a few, countable moments of being inside one’s body that was lying on jute bag the people and things of the busy crossroad of Delhi had disappeared like an extinguished spark. Once inside, it was felt – ‘usual’ and 'awake', though in a dream.

Some time of habitation in own ‘dreamt’ body were followed by a sleep that was experienced in that body (the one on the roadside, in dream). Strangely though, & difficult to perceive, sleep was actually experienced in a dreamt sleeping body!

Not much sleep had occurred in the dreamt body lying on a jute bag, when a new dream commenced - a dream of a dream.

As soon as the dream-in-dream started, there was whiteness - soothingly incandescent white light everywhere. Nothing else was visible other than ubiquitous warm white light. The duration of being inside the white light of a dream in a dream is not recollected. The light was so unknowingly good that bliss got distinguished from happiness, thereafter. Being in this warm light was highly calming and peaceful. The feeling was incomparable with anything, before or after. Through the duration of being there in the warm whiteness for a palpable duration, there was not a sliver of scare or fright. Awareness of self & the soothing warm light were the only two things that were felt or known throughout.

Gradually, though enchanted by warm whiteness, while being completely aware of self; wondered to self aloud in mind, "Why here, in this state? Is this state permanent or one which can be exited?” It is important to know that in that whiteness there was no realization of what ‘getting out’ meant because everything besides self and the whiteness was oblivion. Hence, a slim feeling of being trapped, without the scare associated with it. So getting out should essentially be interpreted as ending the session of being in whiteness, while having no information then, about what lies out of it.

Immediately, thereafter first trial was made to get out of the state of being in warm, heavenly, blissful whiteness. Exit didn’t happen.

While there was no fright at all, while being inside the whiteness, which remained excellent & positive all throughout, yet there was a persistent self-realization that the state has to be exited. Couple of failed attempts to exit, were followed by another thought - "what if this heavenly warm whiteness is a trap forever?"

It is once again pertinent to mention that no panic was generated from failed attempts to get out. Ultimately, on 5th or may be 7th trial, the exit happened. The body lying on jute bag, next to the pavement on the Road could be seen from a few feet away. There was a relief of having exited the dream-in-dream. Within next few moments, exit happened from the first, primary dream as well. Eyes opened wide in an instant (as though the now-awake state was just a continuation of the semi-conscious experience), while the back of the body effortless raised itself to sit on the bed in the next half second, as though sleep had never happened at all. Immediately thereafter, the wrist was held tightly within the fingers to measure pulse, while seconds arm on the clock hung on the opposite wall was tracked (because of frequent panic attacks* expertise had developed at measuring pulse which was often done to check onslaught of tachycardia). Took the first half minute reading. The heart beat feebly for only 14 times in the first half minute. Not believing, next full minute reading was taken. It was ~40. After another 2 minutes it was already ~70+ which is norm. It is probable that in the dream the pulse rate must have been much below 28 beats a minute, which was recorded few seconds after getting out of the whiteness and the dream-in-the-dream.

It was only after being awakened to exceptionally low pulse rate did the first signs of worry & scare happen. Puzzled, after 5 minutes the pulse rate was measured again, it clocked 80 beats safely and regularly. Waking up the partner, sleeping next, on the bed seemed unnecessary.

Next day was spent searching internet and enough literature was found on such experiences - all clubbed under "NDE (near death experiences)".

The warm white of no-fear and bliss is crisp in memory till date.

Did the event change life principally? Honestly - No, other than two notable changes (which may or may not be connected with it at all) – (i) panic attacks were cured soon after by reading about them (there was no magic cure, to be specific) and without any medical help; (ii) felt as though scare of death was somewhat reduced. Panic attacks* had impacted so much that dreadful scare while flying had infested the mind after more than one and a half decade of flying & few hundred commercial flights across the world till then. Interestingly till panic attacks started, flying was a thrill & love. Flew even a motorless glider, while taking piloting lessons in boarding school!

The only other distinct thing -

thankfully, never ever experienced that bliss again and that …

yes, it is probably warm and white!

*You may not read about panic attacks (written below) if it doesn’t interest you.

A little about panic attacks for those who might not know about it. Panic attacks have nothing in common with the story above. This information is being shared to let others who suffer from it, and have failed to get a diagnosis, know about it & its cure.

Panic attacks leave people scarred for life. Reason - it is the closest one can get to symptoms of death, without actually dying. Tachycardia, extreme heart sink feeling, extreme shortness of breath, as strong, as though someone is strangling one's neck and body. The condition can persist for few minutes to half hour or so. Draining one completely of life.

The condition is a false alarm that is raised in Amygdala (part of brain) conveying the same to the body & other parts of brain (hypothalamus & hippocampus) a message of emergency having had happened to body. The signal leads to release of hormones into blood that fuel faster heartbeat. When the brain senses emergency, like in case one skids or stumbling a stair or having pushed to fall; amygdala triggers high-intensity brain operations (very high brain power utility) thereby requiring exceptionally large bouts of oxygen (hence the shortness of breath), which can be delivered only by increasing the blood flow rate to brain. This leads to tachycardia (faster heart beat) and loss of breath and sometimes heart sink. When the condition occurs, one is induced into an emergency (though in case of panic attack, it’s a false alarm), which further fuels a chain reaction.

Once discovered, everything about panic attacks was read. Few books, articles, literally everything on which hands could be laid, because the doctors diagnosed nothing but stress and gave anti-anxiety tabs, which seemed unacceptable as the problem seemed physiological not psychological.

Then in one blog, something strange came across - it said, "if you can induce a panic attack yourself – at your will, you will conquer it". Sitting in a train, while reading the blog induction of panic attack was tried. Surprisingly in 5-6 trials of applying an internal pressure by way of exploding chest (as it seemed to mind!), panic attack was induced. Shocked though, that the attack can be induced by oneself, the realization genuinely was curing. Once realized that the condition can be induced, it no more bothered and the chain effect stopped working. In the last few years they never happened and the problem stands cured.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Imaginerials - The imagination materials & phenomena

Through my paper "Mind, Matter, Design, Cognition, Intellect, Imagination, Knowledge, Consciousness, Evolution, Reproduction & Culture", that I published on ResearchGate there is an important conclusion that there needs to grow a new sort of materials or may be phenomena that will enable imagination to happen. Materials (or Phenomena) I termed Imaginerials.

Imagination is a process, where both cognition and impact/influence happen without sensing. Such processes are turned ‘non-spontaneous’.

This therefore, is the major disparity between thinking and imagining - both are done by mind, as of now. While thinking uses reason & hence knowledge & consequently information procured through five senses. Imagination does not need sensing to happen. 

Furthermore, lack of sensing in imagination means lack of intent (lack of sensing is sufficient condition for lack of intent; but lack of intent is not sufficient for lack of sensing). Here comes the challenge - all materials and phenomena created currently, use intent, reason and knowledge as the fundamental processes of existence nd propagation. Imaginerials would require no intent or purpose to exist or execute phenomena, doing it completely in a non-spontaneous manner. Since intent will be absent, therefore, there will be no possible way for humans to control initiation of phenomena, though I have discovered no constraints to possibility of control of processing. 

Imaginerials, therefore a either materials or phenomena, which execute action and impact (effect) without any intent or reason at all. Therefore, the triggers for any action by imaginerials cannot be external but have to be internal - not initiated by interaction with environs but is a non-spontaneous (for no reason) process that is completely random in its occurrence.

Indeed, there is a need for development of the science of creation of uncontrolled materials and phenomena. This will lead to autonomous exploration - without intent, command & control of human mind. This will lead to creation, discovery and invention of newer phenomena and processes that will use imagination instead of intelligence and reasoning. That will be a new world.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Hope versus Expectations

A short discussion on how 'hope' differs from 'expectations'.

Hope and expectations are synonymous, but for the context.

When there is no statistical understanding and hence reasonable basis for occurrence or non-occurrence of an outcome - one uses the word 'hope' not 'expect'. Expectations is used when there is some real or even perceived, emotional or intellectual understanding of reasons why a specific outcome should or should not occur.

Examples - One can hope to go to heaven not expect to go there; because no one has any knowledge of having been there. One expects one's child to graduate, but one can only hope that the entire batch graduates.

Since hope requires no reasonable cause to exist, "hope dies last". When all reasonable basis to expect something to occur or not occur have ended & one has no expectations, one can still hope.

When the cause is reason, one 'expects'. As soon as reason is substituted by belief, one can only 'hope'.

                           ... Deepak Loomba

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Poem for Grandpa's death anniversary

अगर हमारे प्रिय पापाजी कहीं होंगे
तो वो कया सोच रहे होंगे?
उन्हीं को समर्पित ये रचना :

बंधा था मैं, एक फ़िरकी से,
और लिपटा था मैं मांझे सा;
जो उड़ने लगा, तो अलग हुआ,
फिर कट गया और बहने लगा;
फिरकी की नज़र से ओझल हुआ,
जो छोड़ गया कुछ ऊलझने थी;
जिनहे देखता हूँ तो सोचता हूँ
जब लीपटा था तो कैसा था ?

Sunday, 4 March 2018


The word 'intention' is invariably closely linked to purpose, which could be either and outcome of an imaginative or a real, occuring process. Since 'purpose' is central to intentionality. It becomes critical to lucidly define a pool of few states of the word 'purpose'. Purpose has a perceived motive, an end result, imaginative or real

I argue against this more straightforward understanding of intentionality because 'purpose', itself is prone to multidimensionality and ambivalent interpretetion. 

It is therefore important to discuss the word 'purpose' itself. 

Purposes have a few different states. 

Purpose in Spontaneous Processes
The first state of purpose is that by which an object - living or non-living undergoes a spontaneous or non-spontaneous process. If the processes undertaken are spontaneous then they need nothing but the laws of physics to occur. Often such processes are misnterpreted as purposeless (mainly because they occur without human intervention). In reality, the purpose behind such processes is not lost, its just that it requires no additional human or machine effort, other than the laws of nature, to happen. An example is falling of a anything from sky - the purpose is to concur with the laws of entropy. Usually in such cases the purpose as generally perceived as being an act of a living thing seems to be absent. In reality it exists. 

Purpose in Non-Spontaneous Processes

In non-spontaneous processes it happens by desire which is explained in my other article. Human desire defined internally or by an external protocol is the purpose in all non-spontaneous processes. 

Another way to look at intentionality is to define the absence of intentionality rather than its presence, assuming absence of metastates. This approach has been discussed in my previous article (

Desired State Intentionality - Impurposeful Intentionality
Besides the spontaneous and non spontaneous purposes, we go one step further to investigate another type of purpose - one where the result is not a pre-defined state but is a random state. From the article quoted above ( we came to a conclusion that random output is possible only in case of absence of intentionality. Therefore, we can safely assume that a random output is one, where no purpose existed. This tantamounts to being impurposeful intentionality. Seems an oxymoron. But it is not on deeper thought. Indeed, a random result can be the purpose of an action.Why not? If the process is random there can be no purpose; but if the output is purposed to be random, there is no problem. It can very much have both purpose and intentionality. Therefore, we can categorise the third possible state of purpose or output to be 'desired state'.

Optimal & Sub-Optimal States
Desired State Purpose can be subclassified as optimal amd sub-optimal desired states. In most desired states and outputs, the process is tailored to ultimately yield the desired output. 
Optimal state in spontaneous processes requires no knowledge of the process, but in non-spontaneous processes the optimality of the process is completely dependent on the knowledge and experience that has been gathered by mankind over decades and sometimes centuries. 

In spontaneous processes output is randomly achieved to concur with some laws without any preference for a desired state. 

In Non-sponstaneous states we have introduced a desired state. It is important to note and understand that a desired state is just that - desired state and should not how be confused with the optimal state. 

Intent & Consciousness
The role of intent on consciousness has already been outlined in definition of consciousness. Hence, the intentionality connect with consciousness.

This article is to be ideally read with my other three articles to have a complete understanding of Intentionality coupled with Desire, and few other elements:

- Reproducibility, Information, Perception, Desire, Ontent, Spontaneous, Random, Indeterminate & Probabilistic

- Consciousness, Evolution & Artificial Intelligence

- Mind, Energy & Matter - Conversation with Siddartha

Author: Deepak Loomba